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Enter the Magic Circle

Many Republicans are still pushing for repeal of heath care reform, or for a declaration that it is outright unconstitutional.  But what they want to put in its place is something of a magical mystery.  Here’s the tour…

First, GOP leaders know that most people want at least some of the benefits of reform, so they are careful to point out that they want to keep the part that provides for coverage of pre-existing conditions. 

Second, they want to get rid of the individual mandates that force people to have health coverage, even if that mandate comes with a subsidy for those who can’t afford it.  This, they claim, is a fundamental issue of freedom, liberty, and constitutionality.

But, third, these same GOP leaders have no idea how to cover pre-existing conditions without a mandate.  That’s because of the well known “free rider” problem.  If pre-existing conditions are covered, and you don’t have to have health insurance, then many people will wait until they are sick and then buy insurance.  It’s kind of like letting you buy insurance on your house after it catches fire.

So how does this work out?  It doesn’t…

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